Medium and intuitive sharing messages and guidance from spirit.


As a medium and intuitive, I will share any information I get from loved ones who have passed as well as provide remote energy healing and psychic intuitive counseling.


About Me

I am a Mother of 3 and avid sports and animal enthusiast.  I live on an island in the Northwest and had a very lucrative "normal" corporate career until I almost lost My life having my 3rd child and decided to dedicate My life and abilities to helping others. 


A little more about Me and My Mission.

I have always had what I would call extra-spiritual experiences throughout My life but never understood that speaking to My deceased Grandfather (whom I had never met) or sensing a spirit in My home was a-typical.  It was only after I sat with My Grandmother and Best Friend when she passed that My mediumship came on full force.  To be honest, I thought that I was possibly schizophrenic!  This was never how I envisioned "serving others" when I decided that I wanted to focus on helping people more than making money!   When spirit began sending messages for those around Me, I decided that I had a duty to share those messages...I felt compelled.  Once I began admitting to Myself and others what My abilities and beliefs were, that's when the Universe began putting things in my 

 As a busy mother of 3 and someone who faces all of the same challenges in daily life as those around Me, I find it can sometimes be difficult to dedicate the time I need to spiritual cultivation.  I think most of us struggle to find quiet and connection in a disconnected society running at break-neck pace.  I have been called to helping others and to be honest, I have resisted the call because I still find myself sometimes a skeptic of Psychics, Mediums and Healers.  However, I can not explain away all of My experiences reading for people I have never met and providing accurate information about their loved one(s) or about they themselves.  I know that within the plethora of psychic scammers out there, there are truly talented and blessed people who are trying to bring love, guidance and healing to others.  I am one of those people.  My goal is to help you find peace, bring messages to you from those you love and help you find what it is within yourself emotionally that may be holding you back, causing anxiety or preventing you from being at peace internally.

About our sessions

When I do a reading, there are some times when I might struggle to connect with Spirit.  Whether it is on My side or Spirit's side, it can happen.  This is why I have decided to make My time and service donation based for now with a minimum of $25 for My time and energy.  

 If You don't feel that your experience has helped you heal and gain understanding, then your donation will reflect this inadequacy.   If you feel that your session is helpful and healing, then your donation can reflect such.  I also recognize that everyone has different economic resources, so I want to be accessible to all.  Money should never hold someone back from receiving help, guidance and healing.  

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For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

Spirit communications and energy healing

Hours: M-F 9:15 - 3pm with varied early morning or evening hours.

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